The Annual Sports Meet for the academic year 2018-19 was conducted on 14th February, 2019. The Students were divided into 6 houses and taken in charge by - Blue House (Ms. D. Prabi, Department of English), White House (Ms. I. Prabha, Department of Commerce), Green House (Ms. Sherlin Pravina, System Administrator), Maroon House (Ms. Diana, Department of Tamil), Yellow House (Dr. C.S. Christal Darly, Department of Mathematics), and Red House (Ms. Chinchu, Department of Physics).

The Chief Guest on the day was Mr. Thankom, Inspector of Police, Kulasekaram. On behalf of the Sports Day, Kho-Kho, Throw Ball, Tennikoit, Kabaddi, Shotput, and Long Jump were conducted, and prizes were distributed to the students. The Overall Trophy was won by the Blue House.