Our College decided to conduct an Extension Activity in Government Middle School, Koottamaavu. Every week one or two departments of our college will visit the school, and awareness on certain topics will be presented through PowerPoint. We have also promised to improve the garden facility of the school.

On account of the Extension Activity, students from the Department of Chemistry and Computer Science visited the school on 11th February 2019 under the guidance of Dr. A. Sophia, Assistant Professor, and Mrs. X. Mary Jecintha, Assistant Professor (Part-time), Department of Chemistry, Ms. M. Ayesha Ziana, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science. The following II year students from the Department of Chemistry participated in the activity:

  1. Ancy. A
  2. Reshma. P
  3. Nisha. A
  4. Nevisha. N
  5. Sherlin Babisha. A

Our students Ancy. A and Nisha. A gave an interesting speech about the importance of plants. Various floral plants were also planted by our students. The activity lasted for an hour.

The students from the Department of Computer Science gave an awareness on “Mobile phones”.

The children and staff of the school enjoyed our presence.