1. Sr. Saveria Jeganathan, President, The Council of the ICM Educational Institutions, Tiruchirapalli.
  2. Sr. Dr. L. Vasanthi Medona, Educational Councilor, The Council of the ICM Educational Institutions, Tiruchirapalli.
  3. Sr. S. Rose Theresitra, District Bursar, The Council of the ICM Educational Institutions, Tiruchirapalli.
  4. Sr. P. Francin Nevis, Secretary, IJCASW, Mulagumoodu.
  5. Sr. A. Gemma, Superior, Infant Jesus Convent, Mulagumoodu.
  6. Sr. Dr. M. Mary Josephine Agnes, Treasurer, IJCASW, Mulagumoodu.
  7. Sr. M. Arul Sagaya Selvi, Member, IJCASW, Mulagumoodu.
  8. Sr. Dr. Rosamma John, Student Counselor, IJCASW, Mulagumoodu.
  9. Dr. V. John, Principal, Ex-Officio Member, IJCASW, Mulagumoodu.
  10. Dr. S. Mary Josephine Punitha, Assistant Professor, Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Rajakkamangalam,  M.S.University, Tirunelveli, University Nominee.
1.      Sr. P. Francin Nevis-          Secretary
2.      Dr.  V. John-          Principal
3.      Sr. Dr. L. Vasanthi Medona-          Educational Councilor
4.      Sr. Dr. M. Mary Josephine Agnes-          Treasurer
5.      Sr. A. Gemma-          Superior, Infant Jesus Convent, Mulagumoodu

          The Staff Council consists of the Principal, Deans, Heads of the Departments, and the Office Superintendent. The Principal is the Chairperson. The Council appoints one of the members as the Secretary who holds office for one year and is eligible to be re-elected. The Staff Council is an advisory body to help the Principal in academic matters and in the maintenance of the discipline. Some of the general administrative work of the College may be distributed by the Principal among the members of the Council or other staff. The Secretary keeps a record of the proceedings of all the meetings. The Principal/Secretary is the sole authority of any point of order. 

1.      Dr. V. John

-          Principal

2.      Ms. T. Selvi

-          HoD, Tamil

3.      Ms. M. Jeya Sudha

-          HoD, Mathematics

4.      Dr. C.S. Christal Darly

-          HoD, Mathematics

4.      Ms.B. Nisha

-          HoD, Computer Science

5.      Dr. R. Krishnaveni

-          HoD, Commerce

7.      Ms. P.S. Angel Prabha

-          HoD, Physics

8.      Dr. R. Asha

-          HoD, Chemistry

9.      Dr. K. M. Nithya Daimy

-          HoD, B. B. A

10.  Ms. M.S.Jiji

-          Director of Physical Education

11.  Dr. D. Christal Dora

-          Librarian

12.  Ms. A. Jain Rooba

-          Office Superintendent